Asset Lifecycle Management

Consolidate multiple vendors to create efficiency and cost-savings

A smart, comprehensive approach to managing used IT equipment that integrates IT Asset Disposition with warehousing and redeployments.


Synergy between services creates efficiency and cost savings.

Consolidation of vendors streamlines processes and communication.

Supports sustainability initiatives.

Optimize Your Next Asset Refresh

When you have hundreds – or even thousands – of IT assets you need to replace it can be overwhelming. For many in-house IT teams, there simply isn’t enough time or resource to handle a major refresh project quickly and efficiently.

The solution? Outsource your refresh to PureITAD!

PureITAD’s Asset Refresh and Deployment Services provide the resources you need to manage either project-based or ongoing asset replacement proactively and efficiently. Both onsite and order-in services are available, depending on your requirements. Once an asset is ordered, we can pull it from inventory instantaneously, load it with your corporate image, and deploy it for you or ship it to you.

No muss, no fuss, and no hassle for your already-busy IT team.

Physical Inventory Audit

PureITAD conducts equipment audits to identify building, grid and rack location for specified assets then generate a pre-pickup audit report as the first step in documenting chain-of-custody from the client facility to the PureITAD facility.


PureITAD can route your decommissioned servers directly to other facilities or store them in our secure Processing Centers until you’re ready to use them again. The PureITAD redeployment team makes it easy for our customers to view their deployable inventory in real-life and order equipment deployments to their locations as needed.

IT Asset Lifecycle Decision Tree


A smarter process for redeploy/resell/recycle decision-making

  • PureITAD assists in creating a custom decision tree.
  • Includes sort, audit, test, and repair (if applicable) prior to reuse.
  • Can be redeployed or kept as safety stock.
  • Maintenance plans are available.
  • Easy conversion from one status to another, i.e. redeploy to resale.
  • PureITAD provides industry-best workflow and
    valuation tools to make decisions and execute

PureITAD Asset Lifecycle Management Services Include

Secure Warehousing


Inventory Audit


Data Protection


Decision Tools


Resell & Recycle

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