Scalable and Efficient ITAD for OEMs

IT Asset Disposition for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

We understand that the reverse channels are large and diverse and we offer the refurbishment and remarketing capabilities required to handle the same. Our IT asset management includes trade-in programs, service parts management and much more.

Reverse Supply Chain and Aftermarket

We have the right channels to remarket returned assets (from consumers, retailers, service partners and online channels) for the highest value and distribute them in a way that does not compete with new units.

Managing customer returns

PureITAD provides product returns management solutions as part of a complete end-to-end supply chain solution, ensuring customer satisfaction throughout. If it’s unavoidable and a product is returned, we treat it with as much care as we do an inbound product, ensuring its speedy progression through the returns process so it can be put back on the shelf for resale where possible.

Minimizing the cost of returns and reverse supply chain

Returns are often complex to process. They may need investigation, sorting, recycling, repackaging or reworking to maximize the retail value of the returned product. We look for new markets for return products so they are not competing to manufacture products.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient reverse logistics processing
  • Rapid turnaround and increased recovery
  • Centralized source of repair services
  • Extract value from products
  • SKU-level visibility into all stages of the process via comprehensive user portal
  • Reclaim value at the end of a well-managed product lifecycle
  • Certified, secure data destruction (on-site and off-site)
  • Certified, responsible recycling of electronic waste (e-waste)
  • Secure and compliant solutions
  • Maximize your product value and recovery by extending your product lifecycle and reducing your in-channel inventory through our efficient reverse logistics capabilities.

We offer:

  • RMA issuance
  • Returns processing
  • Aftermarket services (remarketing, donation programs, etc.) – ISO 9001 certified Refurbishment process
  • Resalable product disposition
  • Certified Recycling – ISO 14001 and R2 Standards for Recycling
  • Inventory and data destruction
  • De-installation and removal

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