Onsite Services

Onsite audit

Onsite audit is available both in conjunction with asset collection and at any time during the life of your assets.

PureITAD offers this service for installed, in-service assets, or assets staged for collection. Technicians can capture any data required about each asset including, but not limited to: serial number, asset tag and physical location. This data can then be uploaded into your asset management system for internal tracking and inventory accuracy.

On collection day PureITAD performs a complete serial number capture which we validate against either the audit list we collected earlier or the list you provide before removing the assets from your premises. We re-validate against this same list upon receipt at the PureITAD facility

Data Erasure

PureITAD offers onsite data erasure services to ensure data has been eradicated prior to transport. PureITAD has selected Blancco data erasure software as our standard based on capability and industry standing. Blancco is a progressive firm that continually develops and enhances their products to address the data security needs of emerging technologies. Blancco software:

Provides complete security by destroying data on all areas of the hard drive. The entire hard drive is accessed through a bypass of the BIOS and OS and then each sector undergoes 3-pass sanitization.

Generates a unique erasure report to validate the overwrite procedure completed properly. The report lists the asset’s inventory profile including the hard drive serial number, model, and asset tag to tie together the erasure process and the specific hardware for audit purposes.

Is compliant with numerous international standards.

Drives with bad sectors – and those that fail the data erasure process – are physically destroyed. These drives can be shredded, degaussed or pulverized as outlined below, or stored in a secure, pad-locked container and transported to our facility for immediate shredding.

During onsite service, unless drives are already pulled and staged, PureITAD makes every effort to erase drive data while the drives are still installed. If this isn’t possible for any reason, we pull the drive, record its serial number, and connect it to PureITAD proprietary Data Eradication Cabinet or DataToaster for erasure.

Why Pure ITAD


PureITAD meet or exceed HIPPA, FIPPA, PIPEDA, PIPA data sanitization guidelines in addition to industry best practices.


Expert assessments of resale value combined with warehouse and logistics operation maximize business returns.


Comprehensive reporting allowing for legally defensible, auditable account of sanitized media and assets.


PureITAD meet or exceed HIPPA, FIPPA, APIPA, PIPA data sanitization guidelines in addition to industry best practices of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

With PureITAD

Our ITAD service lets businesses maximize their returns on retired hardware by refurbishing and remarketing items with resale value – without exposing private data.

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