Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

As supply chain managers face the daily tasks of doing more with less, they know: solving customers’ challenges turns demanding customers into lifelong clients. One such challenge is Reverse Logistics. Returning defective products or surplus parts to the supplier requires paperwork, following-up, inventory management, and minimizing the downtime to prevent customers’ loss of productivity and revenue.

PureITAD is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive reverse logistics solution for you. We can help you extract the most value from recovered products through a customized secure return system that facilitates repair, recycling and product reselling. We can process large pallet returns for manufacturers from the retail channel to single returns from Web end users.

PureITAD understands and practices appropriate disposal of technological devices and equipment. Keeping in mind that these pieces can hold private information, we work hard to avoid privacy and security breaches, by securely destroying all data. We take the new additions (GDPR) to the security and privacy legislation very seriously to protect you and your customers’ information by determining the type of certified destruction that is required.

Asset Recovery and Disposition

In our dynamic technology industry, it is important to understand the appropriate asset recovery and disposition of equipment that has reached its end of life. PureITAD is a unique IT Asset Disposition firm that is an expert in expediting asset recovery and disposition for OEMs as well as Retailers when it comes to surplus products and return management.


PureITAD’s reverse logistics practices not only ensure cost and data security efficiency, but also minimize environmental footprint. PureITAD provides certified recycling of technology equipment for our clients and we follow R2 and ISO 14001 standards, in order to ensure a zero landfill and export policy.

We understand that by including recycling as a part of supply chain management, our customers can decrease products’ carbon footprint “from cradle to grave”

To ensure that we meet the highest-quality criteria, our processes are ISO 9001:2015 certified. As part of our services we can provide services such as the capturing of serial numbers on inbound product returns or end-of-life IT assets for items requiring serialization. PureITAD has established processes and systems to systematically request return authorization numbers, ship the product back to suppliers and handle discrepancies. Our expertise in reverse logistics and IT asset disposition speeds up the re-purposing of your products, mitigates risk, extends their lifecycles, reduces write-downs and decreases in-channel inventory.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient reverse logistics processing
  • Rapid turnaround and increased recovery
  • Centralized source of repair services
  • Extract value from products
  • SKU-level visibility into all stages of the process via comprehensive user portal
  • Reclaim value at the end of a well-managed product lifecycle
  • Certified, secure data destruction (on-site and off-site)
  • Certified, responsible recycling of electronic waste (e-waste)
  • Secure and compliant solutions
  • Maximize your product value and recovery by extending your product lifecycle and reducing your in-channel inventory through our efficient reverse logistics capabilities.

We offer:

  • RMA issuance
  • Returns processing
  • Aftermarket services (remarketing, donation programs, etc.)
  • Resalable product disposition
  • Recycling
  • Inventory and data destruction
  • De-installation and removal

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