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Pure ITAD is a leading global provider of Enterprise IT Asset Disposition Provider of Lifecycle Services and Enterprise IT Asset Disposition. Pure ITAD lets businesses maximize their returns on hardware by refurbishing and remarketing items with resale value without exposing private data.

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    Enterprise ITAD Services

    Securely retire and manage your retired IT assets. Your IT assets get, on average, three to five years of use before they are retired.

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    Onsite Services

    Onsite audit is available both in conjunction with asset collection and at any time during the life of your assets.

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    Lifecycle Support Services

    A smart approach to managing used IT equipment that integrates IT Asset Disposition with warehousing and redeployments.

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    Data Destruction Services

    Protecting our clients from breaches of private data with market-leading sanitization technology.

Download our latest eBook for free - The 7 biggest mistakes companies make when disposing of theirit assets. Avoid making common mistakes during asset hardware retirement.

Download our latest eBook for free

The 7 biggest mistakes companies make when disposing of theirit assets.
Avoid making common mistakes during asset hardware retirement.

Download my free eBook

Download our latest eBook for free

Download my free eBook

Why pure ITAD?

Because when it comes to IT Asset Disposition, “properly” is complicated.


Our Certifications

R2 is a world leading certification program that combines quality, environmental, health and safety requirements in a single management system.
ISO 9001 is the globally recognized standard for a quality management system. It provides powerful tools for companies looking to identify and improve their Quality Control processes.
ISO® 14001 focuses on environmental management systems, setting criteria under which a system is certified.
This is an Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series for Health and Safety Management Systems.

What we do and our core values

Established in 2015, Pure ITAD is a leader in ITAD industry. ITAD is made up of several interconnected processes. Transferring the risk and burden to a single, expert provider is both efficient and cost-effective. The guidelines, legal regulations and industry best practices for data sanitization change as new technology is released and data extraction techniques become more sophisticated. We react quickly to developments in the sector to constantly improve and refine our service.

Track your assets’ every move

Pure ITAD follows a strict, standards-based set of processes to transfer risk from your organization to their facilities. At every stage, security and accountability are paramount.
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Pickups are carried out by audited team members and the IT assets are transported to our secure facilities via sealed, GPS-tracked and camera equipped trucks.

Pure ITAD adheres to the highest national standards and industry best practices, using technology from leading data sanitization experts, Blancco.

Data sanitization and hard drive shredding can be carried out on-site or at our CCTV-monitored facilities. We provide tamper-proof certifcates of Data Destruction for each asset sanitized and optional videos of the procedure.

Our experts stress-test, refurbish and repackage IT assets with resale value for maximum returns to your organization. Assets that can’t be resold are transported to audited and government approved ERF to be disposed.

Sanitized assets are then assessed for remarketing value.


Pure ITAD is a leading provider of Enterprise IT Asset Disposition and Lifecycle Services. Find out more about Pure ITAD services.

Data Center Services

A complete set of Decommissioning and Moving services, no matter how large and complex.

Cloud Migration

Moving to the Cloud? Let us securely handle your surplus hardware and all the data left on it.

Reverse Logistics

Uniquely positioned to design a custom reverse logistics solution for you.

Technology Deployment

We provide Custom Configured Technology where you need it — on time and ready to go.

Global ITAD

Let us design an ITAD program for you that will cover all your offices and locations globally - all via a single point of contact.

Hardware Procurement

Avoid low quality used equipment pitfalls. Buy from one of Canada’s most reputable and largest stocking resellers of Enterprise Data Center Hardware.

Security at Every Step

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    Pure ITAD uses stringent processes for each step of the disposition to transfer risk from your organization to their secure facilities

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    Using the highest quality data destruction technology available in today’s market, we ensure decommissioned IT assets are truly safe from data breaches.

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    We offer both on-site and off-site physical data destruction as well as data sanitization.

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    Not only are your data bearing assets safely disposed of, but each step of the process is traced and monitored in case of future audits.

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    Our comprehensive reports provided to every customer will put you in the driver’s seat, making sure you have full control over your data security process!