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Offering Cradle to Grave Solutions for the Channel

The channel is a very important and strategic part of our business. We work with all areas of the channel today. From OEMs, Distributors, to traditional VARS and System Integrators. Given the competitive landscape of the IT industry, every little element that makes you stand out from competition can help you turn your proposals into purchase orders. A key component of this success is being able to offer a more complete "cradle-to-grave" fully sustainable solution, which not only encompasses your new hardware design but also a solution for the older hardware being replaced, that is Environmentally and Financially sound, while also taking into account full data security.

We created a chanel program that simply works. We are proud to say that we didn't try to reinvent the wheel. We took all the great traits from the channel partners that we've dealt with over the years, and made them our own. And the way we see it, a great channel program essentially boils down to three simple factors:

Make It Easy

We do not expect our partners to dedicate precious company resources just to sell our services. We understand that you have to sell your services for or with your partner. The majority of our partners today, represent 10,20 30 different lines of business and they simply don't have the time or the resources at times to chase ITAD opportunities. We are here to work with you to take over that entire part of the solution and do it all for you on your behalf.

Commitment to the Channel

It's always very easy to create a channel program, but the truth is, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be a trusted and valued channel partner. This is where PureITAD comes in. As an accredited and certified IT Asset Disposition provider, we are able to guarantee our partners and their customers the highest quality of service and can back it up with our ISO and R2 certifications.

Make it Profitable

There's revenue to be made in ITAD. Not just in Recycling and Remarketing of used IT gear, but in customized Data Destruction, Logistics and Project Management. And for most deployment projects, there's always a decommissioning opportunity that can yield double digit margins! Don't leave money on the table!

PureITAD offers its resale channel partners the unique value proposition of selling a full service asset disposal service together with full service logistics solutions to provide a seamless solution that will drive growth and deliver additional revenue streams. PureITAD offers equipment resellers and service providers all that they need to extend their portfolio with their own brand of asset recovery and electronics recycling as a service, and includes the white labeling of a service that has been developed with many years of Remarketing and Recycling experience

Our channel partners are realizing 20%-40% profit margins over and above our cost of services. They're also helping their customers address key liabilities associated with excess technology including Data, Environmental and Financial factors. PureITAD supports and has partnerships with System Integrators, Data Centers, SMB, OEM's, VAR's, & consulting firms nationwide and globally.

Benefits of our partnership include:

We manage the logistics process including the coordination of national and global logistics if required.

We process assets in our facilities strategically located nationwide

We will destroy the data on every data-bearing device and provide you with full compliance reporting

We create a paper trail that includes compliance reporting through our comprehensive customer portal

We'll Refurbish, Remarket and send the proceeds from the sale of IT assets to you so you can work it into the deal with your customer however you like!

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