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At PureITAD, we work hard to give back to help extend access to computers for schools, organizations and families that need them. Donations from our clients as well as us direct provide equipment for the various programs we support. Our programs work to help teach basic computer skills, supply refurbished workstations, advance computer literacy for seniors, just to name a few.

PureITAD’s contribution program targets schools and non-profit organizations.

Here are a few innovative ways we work to give back to our community.

We help promote charitable 2nd life for technology. By helping organizations securely and responsibly dispose of IT Assets, we can help them generate value that can be donated to charities of their choice.

We securely manage the disposition of your gear, destroy all data, refurbish and resell the gear, giving you the option to choose the revenue generated towards your choice of charity. This will give the qualified charity organization to spend the donation towards high priority needs. This will also provide the donating company to take advantage of charitable donation tax reductions.

As part of our corporate responsibility initiative, we are constantly donating technology to various charities and non-for-profit organizations to help them and their members with access to much needed technology to carry out core organizational objectives. This is our way of saying thank you for a community that has given us so much until now!
At PureITAD, we are always looking for innovative ways to promote and educate students and adults alike on the advantages of Information Technology. We are more than happy to work with you to put together custom designed workshops to educate students on refurbishment and recycling of electronics.
We believe in promoting and educating our community about the dangers and solutions to our ever growing eWaste problem. PureITAD works with local municipalities, large organizations and regulatory bodies and local community events to put together eWaste drives. These drives give our communities a change to discard their unwanted electronics in an environmentally sound manner.

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