Few industries are subject to stronger data privacy regulations than the healthcare field

The Health Care It Asset Management And Data Destruction Specialists

From protecting patient data to ensuring regulatory compliance, health-care organizations have a lot to consider when disposing of old equipment. Organizations that become the victims of a data breach could face brand and financial harm. Nothing could be more important today than for you to know your service provider and to insure your data and retired data storage devices are in the right hands.

PureITAD eliminates the need for a middleman or risky DIY in-house methods . We process all materials internally at our accredited and fully compliant plant. You can be confident knowing your patient's personal information will not end up in the wrong hands, tarnishing your company and exposing you to potential litigation.

When it comes to Data Destruction and Environmental Disposal requirements, our processes not only meet but exceed information compliance standards such as PIPEDA, PIPA, HIPPA and the GDPR.

IT equipment is a core part of healthcare, with massive databases of patient records often making the difference between life and death. Despite this, a large IT staff is very rare in the healthcare field, and a healthcare organization’s IT assets are generally not a priority in light of the incredible work they do. Let it be our priority! We will help you evaluate the best time to sell your equipment and do all the work for you to turn those IT assets into working capital!

Strict Patient Data Confidentiality

We have experience navigating the strict PIPEDA, PIPA and HIPAA protocols, and understand the sensitive nature of handling patient records and documents. To avoid costly fines, we ensure that no patient medical records, billing records, insurance records, patient correspondence, or prescription information will ever see the light of day. As more records transition from paper to electronic in the coming years, it will be even more important to partner with a company who puts your data security first!

Industry leading IT Asset Returns

Our healthcare IT services provide better offers because we can find top value for your equipment through our parent company Scila Technologies, which happens to be a leading stockist reseller of IT equipment . We have countless global end users and a dense remarketing network. This allows us to pay you more than our competition. Our asset recovery experts know whether a server or a piece of medical equipment will be worth more whole, or broken down to components and sold for spare parts. We’re constantly watching the secondary IT market, so we can gauge the depreciation curve to pick the right time to sell your equipment. We can provide various payment options according to your preference.

R2 Certified Compliance

Environmental compliance and adherence to your company protocols are both majority priorities for us here at PureITAD. We have R2 and ISO 14001 certifications to recycle your assets in an environmentally responsible fashion. We are also ISO 9001 for Quality Management, which ensures the highest level of equipment Refurbishment and therefore the highest return on investment for our clients. Now you can say you work for an organization that cares about the environment and doesn’t contribute to the growing global E-waste epidemic. We can provide a fully transparent chain of custody and reporting documentation of where exactly your scrap goes after you leave it in our hands.

On Site Pickup

Do you have equipment in multiple locations? Are they all scattered or still plugged in? No problem! Our experienced ITAD techs have completed IT equipment takeouts coast to coast across Canada as well as the United States. We’ll come to your location, help you remove all the equipment, palletize it, get it on our truck, and be on our way to our secure facility! Whether your equipment is still operating across multiple departments or sitting in on your dock, we’ll have it out of there in a jiffy with minimal interruption to your workflow!

On Site Drive Erasure

As an extra step towards ensuring your PIPEDA and PIPA compliance, we can wipe or if necessary destroy drives before they even leave your location! We use a leading data erasure software that scales to any number of drives and meets the needs of modern IT infrastructure. We wipe using some of the most technology advanced wiping patterns in existence today such as NIST 800-80 and DOD 5220-22-M 3-Pass Algorithms. If for whatever reason you would prefer the drives were physically destroyed, we can also provide that service on site and send the scrap downstream to ensure it is responsibly recycled. And the best part is everything will come with a comprehensive reporting documentation package that is always available through our customer online portal!

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