Online Real-Time Asset Reporting: accurate, fast, transparent results at your fingertips, not only meeting but exceeding your compliance needs

Operating in a world of ever increasing regulatory compliance requirements, can at times get challenging. Get accurate asset traceability from anywhere, including instant access to certificates of data destruction and recycling. With PureITADs’ online asset tracking portal, you know your data is secure, your chain of custody is sound, and the proof is in hand for whenever you may need it.

Transparency and traceability is the cornerstone of our business -- and yours. As a leader in IT asset recovery and data security, we are committed to providing clients the most accurate and complete accounting of their IT assets through an online tracking portal.

What businesses can expect from our comprehensive online reporting tools

With these secure web-based tools, you can track your assets from the moment they leave your facility until final resolutions, providing a well-documented and auditable trail.

Through the web portal, you'll also be able to download your certificates of data destruction and recycling. Here's what is at your fingertips with our online tools:

Asset Pickup Scheduling

Shipment tracking

Shipment details

Receiving reports

Lot reports

Audit and Test Reports

Detailed Inventory reports

Hard Drive Management reports

Settlement Reports and Invoices

Downloadable certificate of data destruction and certificate of recycling

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