Protect your valued customers and maximize your ROI

Protect your valued customers

Truth is, Retailers are in a unique position in having to stock products and brands that properly satisfy their customers' needs. Overall Profit Maximization is a key objective for the highly competitive retail segment today. With tremendous competition coming from E-commerce websites, Retail operations need to be very strategic in adapting quickly to new technology while still running a very lean operation. Failure to change with market trends quickly and not having enough control over costs, is the biggest reason behind the demise of some of the largest traditional Retail brands we have known and grown up with!

However, there is also a responsibility to support electronics "take back" programs mandated for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). National retailers have a big job on their hands to properly manage these programs. However, there is a way to effectively address these provincial and federal standards. yb working with PureITAD, we help your organization work with the various EPRA and OES programs so that your stores are compliant with both provincial and federal requirements.

With start off by working with you to resell as much of the RMA, Open Box, Demo and surplus gear as possible before taking it into the recycling stream. After all, Reusing hardware is far more environmentally sound than spending further scarce resources to recycle and destroy it. For any equipment that is deemed beyond Reuse, we will make sure your OEM products are safely processed and recycled through 100% end-of-life processes that keep E-waste out of our landfills and from being illegally exported! As a registered EPRA waste generator, PureITAD ensures a fully transparent chain of custody when it comes to the recycling of your equipment.

Our Account Executives will guide traditional and e-commerce retailers through managing complete data security and corporate compliance processes that comply with the latest legislation regarding secure processing of confidential customer information.

From IT asset reclamation, and decommissioning, to destruction of credit card readers, point-of-sale systems and high-performance servers, PureITAD offers a consistent chain of custody and accountability process that will reduce the risk of data breaches.

Some of the customized programs PureITAD offers:

RMA and Surplus stock management through our Reverse Logistics program

Lease buyback programs to maximize your ROI on returned leased assets

Expert refurbishment, redeployment, remarketing services for IT assets

On-site data destruction – client location and convenience

Our global network of IT asset recovery and IT asset disposition partners

Responsible recycling of obsolete electronics

Client portal for real time asset tracking, reporting and certificates of destruction

PureITAD Processes Common Retail Equipment and IT Assets:

Retail Equipment - New Surplus, RMA, Take-Backs, Open box/Demo units

Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems and Tablets

Receipt Printers: USB and thermal

Mobile Devices

Card Processing Terminals

Security Equipment

Digital Library Depositories

Telecom Equipment

Networking Equipment

Asset Tracking Scanners

In-Counter and Portable Barcode Scanners and Scales

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