Data Destruction

Secure, Reliable, and Verifiable Data Destruction with industry leading Compliance Reporting

Data Security

Data security is the foundation of our operation. Not only protecting our clients from breaches of private data with market-leading sanitization technology, but providing peace of mind with the right proof and audit trail. Our clients have been pleasantly surprised at by how much they can recoup of their investment and how much easier it is to have us manage the whole process. We expect demand to continue to grow by leaps and bounds!

Why Pure ITAD


PureITAD meet or exceed HIPPA, FIPPA, APIPA, PIPA data sanitization guidelines in addition to industry best practices of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).


Data sanitization technology provided by established technology leaders,


Comprehensive reporting allowing for legally defensible, auditable account of sanitized media and assets.


Both on and off-site data destruction options with NSA approved hard drive crushers for that extra layer of security

With PureITAD

Our ITAD service lets businesses maximize their returns on retired hardware by refurbishing and remarketing items with resale value – without exposing private data.


Stringent Data Sanitization Standards

• Compliance with NIST SP 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization

• Adherence to industry best practices

• Data destruction technology provided by market leading technology vendors

• Physical hard drive destruction by NSA listed crusher

• Adherence to HIPPA, FIPPA, APIPA, PIPA guidelines

Secure Process At Every Step

• Audited scanned checkpoints at every step
• Processes carried out in a CCTV monitored environment
• Audited facilities and team members at every stage
• Secure, sealed, CCTV monitored transportation


Maximum Returns

• Both on and off-site disposal options
• Peace of mind with our $3,000,000 liability insurance
• Further assurance through our cyber security and Errors & Omissions Policies
• Downstream EPRA approved e-waste recycling partners for safe disposal of hardware
• Zero land-fill policy along with no exports to developing regions


Accountability & Transparency

• Detailed serialized list of data bearing assets
• Comprehensive reporting allowing for legally defensible, auditable account of sanitized media
• Live, fully indexed database with advanced single or bulk item search
• Secure customer portal for pickup scheduling, database access, item history and financial reports

Protect Against Data Loss

Protect against data loss with secure, auditable disposal of data bearing media

In Canada, fines of up to $100,000 per violation may be imposed when an organization violates the breach notification requirements. Decommissioned and surplus data bearing assets are easy to overlook but can still be the source of a data breach. Organizations must not only protect private data, but show what steps were taken to protect it in order to legally defend themselves from data breaches. PureITAD work with market leaders in data sanitization and to the most stringent standards to perform both virtual and physical data destruction.

Our Destruction Facilities


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