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Managing Legacy Hardware and Its Data during Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Advancing technologies and server virtualization allow organizations to consolidate their data centers into smaller, more cost-effective, more energy-efficient packages than ever before. Cloud services allow companies to migrate some, or all, of their IT infrastructure to the cloud for greater flexibility and easier management with access to a wider range of architectures.

With the increasing adoption of cloud services across the world, the need for proper management and the disposition of rejected IT assets has witnessed a considerable rise in the recent times. The efficient and secure elimination as well as recycling of discarded information provided by cloud data center IT asset disposition (ITAD) solutions is leading to their increased employment in enterprises.

For many companies, the business case for consolidating data centers or migrating to the cloud is very strong, with clear benefits and cost reductions. But as with any major IT systems change, a data center consolidation or move to the cloud should include IT asset management planning to ensure the process goes as planned, on budget and on time. Compliance and data security need to be carefully integrated into the plan as well.

Typically, IT management teams planning consolidation or migration are concerned about:


Data Security

Initial cost vs. long-term savings

Customer Support

There is a lot of work that goes into ensuring that all systems and applications are migrated without interrupting business. IT infrastructure and operations teams often put in extra hours and work weekends over several months to ensure the transition is a success.

Because the focus in these projects is usually the cost savings and the business applications, data security and destruction and asset disposition plans are often left until late in the project. Planning ahead for moving and disposing of assets and managing any data stored on them will reduce risk, costs and stress for the operations team. PureITAD is an accredited expert in working with our clients during their cloud migration to ensure a risk and stress free move!

The six ITAD issues that are evident with cloud migration are:

Disposal or redeployment decision-making

Data security and information destruction

Space and time requirements

Investment recovery

Managing leased assets

Regulatory compliance

Companies should look for an accredited and experienced IT Asset Disposition solutions company to sort out the issue of data cleaning for them on those outdated or any unused hardware. And this is even more important if your business has access to personal information or even medical information that is covered under PHIPA, PIPEDA, PIPA, HIPAA or GDRP.

We reiterate, wiping this information clean prior to doing asset remarketing is imperative. If a hard drive cannot be erased securely, it has to be physically destroyed. Taking chances with proprietary or private information can come back to haunt you later down the line.

Cloud migration is scalable, and this has enabled many businesses to shift in phases. A progressive migration can mean doing asset disposal in stages. Regardless of where you are in the cloud migration process, it is not too late to secure your information and assets.

And if you cannot afford to gamble with this information, a professionally accredited ITAD vendor is the way to go!

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