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Procurement Program

Let us put our secondary market expertise and world-class service to work procuring the equipment you need. Our parent company, Scila Technologies, is a global IT hardware reseller with many years of experience in the enterprise hardware space and a large diverse physical stock of datacenter hardware and spare parts.

Take advantage of our top-quality used equipment at 50-80% savings and take advantage of our comprehensive post sales warranty.

With our extensive manufacturer partnerships and deep secondary market expertise, chances are we have the product and the process you are looking for . . . but it’s the way we do it that separates us from the rest.

Sometimes the procurement process is difficult to navigate. It’s hard to know if you’re getting the best price. PureITAD’s procurement team constantly analyzes the market so you can be sure you’re getting the best value and technology.

Technology procurement is only part of our offering. We also help you install and implement your purchase and make sure it’s compatible with your current system as well as fully manage your retired/EOL assets that are now being replaced. We spend time up front to ensure projects and programs run smoothly through to completion. Our team provides guidance and support for all our practices, providing you access to a comprehensive pool of IT Asset Management skills – what you need, when and where you need it – leveraging the industry’s best skills, frameworks, and methodologies.

Scila Technologies

Capture The Huge Savings

Purchasing secondary market IT equipment can be a very valuable tool in your IT asset procurement toolkit. But there are a lot of pitfalls. It’s not easy to find the right sellers, know who is reliable, what is fair market value, and what is good condition. Let Pure ITAD’s specialized skill and broad experience in the secondary markets be part of your procurement team.

IT Equipment Hoarding?

Let’s put those idle, non-performing IT assets to work! There’s no need to keep idle assets in inventory because you might need them in the future. That non-performing equipment costs money to store, and loses recovery value as it sits. Let Pure ITAD sell your idle assets and get maximum recovery value. Use your recovery revenue for other equipment that you need right now.

We know

Where to go

Daily experience and knowledge of reputable dealers from selling in the secondary markets, which translates directly to expertise in buying.

Who is reputable

We work with dozens of potential sellers in each IT asset category, and have firsthand knowledge of who is reputable.

Evaluation of quality and warranty

We know how to look through reseller stock to shop for the equipment you need, and evaluate for common conditions and quality of 3rd party or manufacturer warranty.

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